Monday, April 17, 2006

I hate Walmart.

The shoppers are rude, the check out staff is usually rude and it's too busy......I'm not even sure why I go there.....I know better and should have just gone to Kroger where I hate it less and gotten my shopping done so much quicker......oh well. Now I know.

Class was cut short today. We were supposed to have A&P lecture from 2-4pm....but a random drug screening took place instead. Not sure what's going on. But I doubt they'd do drug screens on 130 or so students just because. I have to go tomorrow before 4pm since I'm at a distance site.

Studying is going well. I've started to review Units 1-3 of A&P. The final is cumulative, so I want to prepare in any way that I can. The end of the semester will be here before we know it. I can hardly believe it's less than 4 weeks. Amazing how time flies by.

I enjoyed Easter weekend with my parents. We had a nice meal at the club house. As much as I enjoy cooking and baking, sometimes it's a joy to have someone else do it! Clean up is so much easier.

The weather is HOT! It got into the 90's was in the mid-80's all weekend. Too hot for Spring, but it sure beats cold weather.

Ok, need to start studying...


rayman said...

Hey Jen, this is rayman from allnurses. I know what you mean about wally world...I hate it to and I am an Arkansan. I get homicidal and claustrophobic whenever I go in there. Remember..always avoid Fri, Sat and Sun at all costs. 2-4am is usually

Hollye said...

Did you read my blog entry about Wally World. I dislike Wally World A LOT!