Thursday, April 13, 2006

taking notes.

Notes are provided from previous students for the anatomy and physiology class. This is great, since there is a huge amount of material to cover during each class. But this allows the mind to wander and not focus. I've started taking hand written notes, rather than the preprinted, during class. I have also gone back to relisten/watch lectures from the start of the unit. Things seem to be sinking in more. I need to do well on this next exam and hope this tactic will prove to be helpful.

My parents are heading this way for Easter. They started the drive down on Wednesday. Each night along the way down and return trip they are staying at a times for the parents. I wonder how much they will win or lose. Any guesses?

No class tomorrow for Good Friday. Chad is off work, also. He planned to leave work at 4:30pm, but it's 6:15 and just called me to tell me he is finishing up....darn work ethic. Luckily he has a long weekend.


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