Thursday, June 29, 2006

32 facts about me......

1. Brown is my favorite color.
2. I am mother to Julio the Cat.
3. Coconut mocha is my favorite coffee drink.
4. I am tired from working a twelve hour shift last night.
5. I can't wait to go on a real vacation, to a warm, tropical location.
6. I need to exercise.....
7. Milk chocolate makes me happy.
8. Even though my parents tell me I'm not named after my grandmother, we have the same first name.
9. I didn't like my middle name until I realized it was a shortened version of my other grandmother's name. Her middle name was Josephine, my middle name is Jo. I did not realize this was her middle name until the day of her funeral.
10. I love to cook and create in the kitchen.
11. I was president on my high school Future Homemaker of America group.
12. I am a clutter bug.
13. The best remedy for a pack rat is to move. It forces you to get rid of stuff. It's all stuff, isn't it?
14. I met my husband two months after moving to a town where I knew no one. We have been together ever since.
15. I will know my husband nine years on July 26.
16. I married my best friend.
17. There was a severe shortage of nursing jobs when I graduated from nursing school in 1997.
18. Now there is a severe nursing shortage and too many job openings.
19. I have enough college credits for a doctorate. It took me awhile to figure out what to do in life.
20. I'm still trying to figure out what to do in life.
21. I have never tried illegal drugs.
22. I still do not want to try illegal drugs.
23. My parents are still married, as are my in-laws. Pretty rare these days, huh?
24. I have three older sisters.
25. I have lived in 3 different states.
26. Our house is off the 17th fairway on a golf course.
27. There are some terrible golfers who somehow manage to get balls into our yard, even though we are blocked be a house or two......
28. I do not like to fail.
29. I will return to school and work on my Master's degree someday.
30. I do not know what I want to study.
31. I love to sleep.
32. I am 32 years old today.

Later, Jennie


Anonymous said...


Every time I had to write today's date at work today I thought, "it's my baby's birthday", really I did.

I still say that we did not name you for your grandmothers but it is a lucky co-incidence isn't it? We chose those names because we liked them, no other reason.

Anonymous said...

By the way, I love that picture of you and Julio.

Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you....happy birthday to you......happy birthday dear Jennie....happy birthday to you ;)

Hope your wishes come true!


Anonymous said...

Great picture of you and Julio.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jennie,
Hope life is percolating along for you (my mom loves that phrase).
Spiffy quote for you:
"life isn't about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself". I am still working on this one, but it gives ya something to ponder, eh?

Laura'sCorner said...

*gasp* I totally missed your birthday, maybe it had something to do with not really knowing the date yesterday!! are my favorite sister named Jennie...I am ashamed of myself.

Seriously, Happy Birthday Dear Jennie! I hope next year we will be able to celebrate you 33rd together!

Lots of love!! Laura

Julia said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!! Thanks for sharing all those little-known fun! Yeah, we're already a week into Summer II and have a Debra test tomorrow, so it's a Happy July 4th for us (note sarcastic tone). Lucky for me, I've found myself a good lookin' study buddy this summer who keeps me in line ;-)