Friday, June 30, 2006

fat chicks running

last night was a hellish night at work. it started out find and dandy. i had one patient, who was a day 3 cabg, ready to transfer to the floor. i moved him out by 930pm. after that, there were 4 codes, one split gut wound, and much excitement. the highlight of the night was running, as part of the code team, from one end of the hospital to the micu on the other end of the hospital. fat chicks don't do too well running......

thanks for all the birthday wishes. even considering the events of late, it was actually one of my best birthdays, if not the best. i am surrounded by a wonderful husband, great family and friends and life is good. yes, there are still difficult day, but i'm getting over it and moving on. there are bigger and better things waiting. just hope when the other door opens, it opens with a bang to let me know!

ok, i've taken 25mg of benadryl, and it's kicking in. one more night shift then i'm off until tuesday.

too lazy to use capitalizations this morning....

later, jennie

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