Monday, July 24, 2006

Interviews, realtors and boxes.

Well...out of the guesses as to where we are moving, one was right on. We are moving to Indiana. Closer to home and hopefully winter will not be as cold as we were used to growing up. Exciting time for us and we are excited for the move. Sad to be leaving friends we've made here, though.

I have interviews in the works while we visit the area to search for temporary housing and search for a home to purchase. I hope we sell our house fairly quick, but if not, we need someplace to stay until we sell our house. If anyone wants a great house on a golf course, let me know!

Three more shifts at work. Can't believe how fast time is flying. We will be moved and starting our jobs before we know it!

Later, Jennie


Anonymous said...

Very exciting tmes for you and Chad, it'll be nice to have you closer to home too. and, another part of the country we get to see!! Time sure is moving fast, only 3 more work days for you. Talk to you later.
Love you, Mom

Papergirl said...

Good luck with the move! Got here through CKMB, BTW. :)