Sunday, August 13, 2006

The home of choice........

Is this one. We crunched numbers, looked at the three homes in depth, and decided how much space we really need. This is the winner. The home inspection is tomorrow afternoon. Our realtor thinks we could move in before closing, rent free. That would get us out of the hotel! I'm surprised Chad and I haven't been crabby with each other. We've spent almost every moment, waking and asleep, the past 10 days! Wednesday he went into work for a strategic planning meeting. Today I headed out for some shopping time alone. I found a pair of dress pants for $10.40, used up a bunch of coupons at Kroger's triple coupon sale, and stopped by a local scrapbook store. I will definately be back to that scrap store for shopping and a crop or two. It isn't too far from our new home, either.
Chad starts work tomorrow. I start the following week. Tomorrow I have my pre-employment physical and drug test.
Ok, I'm going to look into cable, telephone and internet providers. I'm hoping to find a company that provides all three for a flat fee.
Until later,


Diana said...

I think we would have been crabby after that much time! What a great house you picked out!

kath said...

Me, too, Diana! lol, love, love that house! It's gorgeous!