Wednesday, October 4, 2006

valium salt lick, anyone?

Have you ever worked with a person who has a very high energy level around them? Imagine working with four others who have a high energy's a very anxiety promoting feeling. I was circulating a room with another nurse, along with the surgeon, his private scrub, the anesthesiologist, and two scrubs. Four of these people needed to cut back on the caffeine and chill out. Not sure how I can feel more comfortable in this setting. I'm circulating in this same OR tomorrow. Knowing the routine and expectations will help me out some....maybe some lavender oil placed in areas around the room will decrease the energy!
Chad and I are heading out for dinner tonight. We are planning to eat at the Mexican restaurant in a strip mall just down the road. We've eaten there before and were happy with the food. I even enjoyed the salsa. I do not like hot/spicy food, and was able to tolerate this salsa.
We had our first house guests last week. My friend, Jen, and her mom stopped by Friday night on their way home. It was great to see them and even better, it was the kick in the butt Chad and I needed to get the house guest ready! Somehow it was easy to wait to finish the house...not sure what we were waiting for, though!
Julio is loving the house. He enjoys sitting by the patio door, watching bugs, plants and chilling out. His favorite piece of furniture is the new chair in our living room. He likes to sit in the chair, all by himself. Sometimes he even sits on the back of the headrest, just relaxing. Ah, the life of a cat.
A major medicine error occurred at the hospital I work at two weeks ago. It has been national news. Unfortunately, it resulted in deaths of three NICU patients. I've been much more aware of checking my medications more carefully before drawing them up to pass to the surgical field. I hope and pray I am never involved in a similar situation. Luckily, the hospital administration is fully supporting the staff and is making thorough system changes to ensure this does not repeat in the future. Medication label changes will hopefully be changed from the manufacturing end. Even though I am not employed in the department the errors occurred, all staff of the hospital network have been frequently updated, sharing information regarding investigations, policy changes, and surveys from the health department, state prosecutors, JCAHO, ect. This morning, during our weekly Wednesday morning meetings, the OR director covered all activities related to this incident and allowed questions after her discussion. It's nice to know exactly what is occurring, both inside the facility and nation wide to decrease the chance of this occurring in the future.
Waiting for Chad to come to freshen up for my date.
Later, Jennie

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Hollye said...

I LOVE Mexican food. I know that after we move to Michigan,I won't be getting any REAL Mexican food. Makes me sad. We found a pretty good restuarant here in Nashville that we love. It is right down the street, so when we move back, it will be like 45 minutes from us. That's gonna stink!