Sunday, October 15, 2006

Fall is in the air.

I love fall! The cooler weather, changing leaves, bundling up, and soup weather. I would love to have fall all year round. It's my idea of perfect weather. I'd give up hot summer and cold winter days in a second if I were guaranteed perfect fall weather all the time.

Are you a lucky person? I tend to be.
I received notice that I WON a $300 prize package from a scrapbook message board I recently found. How cool is that? And the prize is newly released items from Memory Trends! Even better, huh? I can't wait to receive the prize package, either!

I had to wipe my hard drive clean earlier this week. I downloaded now virus software, which I wasn't entirely sure how to use. So as a result, I disabled a whole jumble of things on my computer......major pain in the butt. I was smart enough to save photos onto a CD, but forgot to save my internet bookmarks, documents and other stuff....oh well. I guess I'll learn for the next time. Pictures are much more important that bookmarks anyday.

Work is going ok. I'm not sure this is the perfect fit for me.....some days are better than others.

We purchased a treadmill yesterday. It is used, but barely. We got it for almost half of the new price. Now we just need to use it! I plan to get on it later today. I've been eating salads for lunch most days of the week, so in addition to losing a few pounds from better eating, exercise is sure to make a difference. Even more with the fabulous food holidays coming up. I'd rather enjoy the food and maintain my weight with exercise than deprive myself. I have no will power, either!

Later, Jennie


Cricket said...

I'm with you Jennie! Love fall, I'll take a great fall day over any other...

Congrats on the treadmill!

Cricket :0)

Laura'sCorner said...

Wow on the scrapbook supplies! You are so lucky...

I need to start doing something also...anything is better then nothing. Good luck!

We are off to Chad's old stomping grounds this weekend. I hope Door County is lively enough to entertain the girls!