Monday, December 11, 2006

Baking spree.

I love this time of year. Not so much for the decorating, but for the baking! I started making goodies last week and spent most of my spare time this weekend working in the kitchen. As a request from an online friend, I even took a picture of myself wearing a holiday apron. The head covering is for no other reason that to keep my hair out of the way! I know it looks bad....but it beats hair in the treats! You can even see my shopping and to do list by clicking on the photos. And if interested, you'll see a recipe for Creamy Kahlua Fudge. I made both Kahlua and Dooley's (toffee) flavored fudge this year!

I made reservations at a hotel while we are visiting family this year. We are going to spend a few nights in Door County. The room rates are great this time of year. I'm trying to arrange for massages for Chad and myself....wish me luck!
Ok, need to shape the Bon-bons and hopefully start dipping later today. Other than purchasing some caramel corn to make chocolate dipped caramel corn, I'm done short of dipping and packing! If we see your over the holidays, you can expect to receive some goodies!


Cricket said...

jennie, everything looks and sounds so yummy! Love the pic of you too...

Cricket :0)

kath said...

I want to come play (and eat,lol!) at your house! Love your holiday apron, too!

Anonymous said...

Oooh you're making my sweet tooth kick into high gear, lol!
You have gorgeous, clear skin by the way :)