Saturday, December 9, 2006

holiday cheer.

This morning I headed out to a Wrap Party. I met at a fellow stampers house and eight of us wrapped our Christmas gifts. It was surprisingly more fun that I thought it would be! I have over half of my gifts wrapped, still more at home to wrap, plus more to buy.....need to finish soon. I am off work on Monday, so will head out to pick up more gifts then.
I'm making my Christmas goodies. I started on Wednesday by making a couple batches of caramel. I'm going to mix up a batch of peanut butter cookies much to do, but plan to start dipping candies tomorrow or Monday!
Chad and I are both off the week between Christmas and New Year's. So glad we can make it home to see both of our families! Ok, off to mix up some cookies!


Tam said...


I seen your post on Aby Garvey's blog and am so interested in all the goodies you are baking! I make candy and cookie baskets for my husbands workers and am so intrigues by some of the yummy stuff you mentioned.

I was wondering if you might share a few of your recipes? I would love to try something new and they all sound so good.


Diana said...

Mmm cookies - wish I had time to make some - or maybe it's motivation?

Cricket said...

A wrapping party sounds cool, it's the only part of the holidays that I dread, the wrapping! Your treats always sound so yummy!

Cricket :0)