Monday, January 8, 2007

Getting to know Dewey.

I'm trying to get things done before surgery tomorrow. That means I should post then shut down the computer so it doesn't suck me in!

I'm amazed how different states are in filing taxes, homestead, personal property taxes, county taxes. Where we now live, we have county taxes removed from our check. Previously, we paid personal property taxes on our vehicles. I think the realtor should hand out a "Living in {fill in blank with location}
for Dummies". It would make knowing the ins and outs of the new community even easier! But, I'm sure we are in the minority, moving every few years to a different state. It's as close to nomads as the modern man can get, short of living in a tent or RV. I'm pretty sure that would land one of us in jail.......not sure I could live in either for very long!
I attempted to apply for a state license plate for Chad today. Wouldn't you know that the office is closed on Monday? I guess we will have to stop by tomorrow after my surgery.

I stopped by the local library today to obtain a library card and check out a few books. I love books and enjoy reading. I plan to read for pleasure while recovering for the next week. I picked up a small stack of books, and hopefully it is enough to keep me busy! Now, I just need to remember those darn numbers for the dewey decimal system! I did have fun browsing through the stacks and look forward to returning to pick up more books once I'm done reading these!

The papers are signed and faxed back to our realtor! We will be closing no later than February 7th on our house. The buyers want to close sooner if their financing is ready to go! The sooner the better!

Ok, off to clean!


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Diana said...

Good luck with the surgery and recovery!