Friday, January 12, 2007


forgive my typin g. it's not so easy using only my left hand. pain is tolerable. only using tylenol for pain. hopefully can return to work monday, but needs to be lite duty without use of my right hand....not real feasible for a nurse in the or, huh.
catching up on reading, but need to get out of house!
i'm able to take off the big bandage sunday.
later, gimpy


Cricket said...

hope you are feeling better gimpy!

Cricket :)

Anonymous said...

Feel better, Jennie! I enjoyed catching up on your blog.


Anonymous said...

you're back, who can resist the pull of the computer and online friends.
love you Mom

Kellie said...

OMG, Jennie, I found your blog again! I thought you were lost forever when our PC crashed several weeks ago but now I see a link to your blog on the laptop. Yipee! Glad to see you again--even if you are a gimp right now.
Kellie in AR