Saturday, September 3, 2005

Home safe.

I arrived home at 10:30 last night and enjoyed what was left of our anniversary. We were getting ready to head to New Orleans for our honeymoon five years ago, too.
I'm getting ready to study, print out notecards for anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology class, along with doing laundry!
Tonight Chad and I are going to head out to supper for an anniversary dinner. Not sure where we will go yet.
Luckily there were no gas shortages on the trip home, and the price of gas was withing reason...I think I paid $3.20ish for premium.


Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy Jennie and Chad. I am so glad you made it home safe. Enjoy the, have fun and relax! Love, Laura

1-icurn said...

Hi..i posted to you before. I am also planning to go to anesthesia school and am enjoying watching how it goes for you. I also started a blog at

check me out deb

Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip back to school, I'm so glad you have someone to ride with. Talk to you later. Love Mom

{change in plans} said...

Thanks Mom and Laura. The car is packed except for my laptop, a few school books and the cooler. I will post when I'm back safely.

Deb, I checked your site out. Good luck!