Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Exam tomorrow.

The second pharmacology exam is tomorrow. It will cover sympathetic drugs, side effects, dosing, and anything else she wants to throw in there. I have 6 hours of class, maybe more, in addition to the exam. Should be a 'fun' day. Though I will be flying home bright and early on Thursday! Can't wait.


Amanda Bailey said...

Hey Jennie, glad to hear you are doing good in school. I hope you'll come up from the basement sometimes to see us when you come back to St. B's for clinicals.

overactive-imagination said...

I hope you have a great Fall break. My DD is on fall break this week too.
Just found your website and can't wait to hear more from you. What, by the way, is RRNA, I've rattled my brain trying to figure out the first R and it just won't come to me.I'm sure I'll feel like an idiot when you tell me.
What sort of program are you in? I know it's a Nurse Anesthetist program but I'm surprised to read that you are taking A&P. Sorry for so many questions.
Have a good one!

{change in plans} said...

Amanda! I'll sure stop by and see you during clinicals. I will start taking classes at the hospital in January, so I may even stop by sometime in the spring.
RRNA is resident registered nurse anesthetist. I'm earning a master's in health science, so I have more science based classes than a regular old master's in nursing. Hope that answers your questions.

Anonymous said...

Jennie, good to talk to you tonight, I hadn't realized you just got back to TX. Time goes so fast that it's hard to keep up with it. I better get back to studying for my boards too.
Love Mom