Friday, July 14, 2006

The cat is almost out of the bag.....

things are moving along in the household.....exciting stuff happening for Chad, Julio the Cat, and me. Keep posted....

Off work until next week. I'm going to enjoy the long weekend! We have a wedding to go to this weekend, other than that, it's more work on the house. Decluttering, cleaning, organizing. Fun stuff, this home ownership.

There is a heat advisory today....100+ with heat index. It's couples golf scramble tonight...but I'm a fair weather golfer. I think we will pass, unless it somehow cools down.

Meeting Chad for lunch today. Need to get ready.



Anonymous said...

Tell us..... pretty please...with a cherry on top!
Julio is too cute :)


Julia said...

Hi Julio!! Jennie, you make me so content to be a renter. :-)
Can't wait to hear of your coming adventures!

Diana said...

Cute picture! Hey I tagged you! Go to my blog and copy the questions and answer them in your blog!!!

Anonymous said...

cool picture of Julio,
Love you, Mom