Thursday, August 31, 2006

Less than two days.....

That's how long it takes telemarketers to start calling you after a new number is issued. Isn't that ridiculous? So I know for a fact that the phone company is who shared our number, since they are, besides me, the only one's who knew our phone number. But, telling the said telemarketers you are on the do not call list shuts them up faster than ever.
Work is going well. I start my shift at 6:30am. I'm not a morning person, but will learn to be one. I wake at 5am, and think I can wake later. I just don't know exactly how much time I will need to get ready in the morning and drive to work.
Chad and I are picking up furniture we purchased on Saturday. We had planned/paid for it to be delivered....and we were promised by two employees of the furniture store that we could arrange for delivery after 4pm. Low and behold when I get the call to arrange for deliver between 9am and noon.....hello. We both work....and can't leave work at the drop of a hat. We were ready to cancel the order.....It amazes me how many businesses do not accomodate working people.....
Ok, will check in later.

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kath said...

You should ask them for a discounted price since they're not able to make the delivery as they promised. Can't wait to see your new furniture!