Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Flight delays, scrapping and family time.

I attended my first scrap event this past weekend. My sister, Laura, and I planned to meet at the Mall of America for Scrapfest. We had a great time scrapping, shopping and catching up with each other. I even finished some Christmas pages from a few years ago! It's about time I scrapped! I can't wait to get my scrap room ready to use in the new house. It's pretty sad looking right now.

Laura planned a "surprise" Saturday night...my mom, dad, sisters, nieces, nephews and brother in law showed up at the hotel for a pizza party. After my parents and sister, Kathy, and her kids Tori and Gage returned home, we headed down to the scrap room in the hotel. It was a great time, I learned some neat new techniques and we have plans to return next year.

Chad and I made a run to Sam's Club tonight. It was our first stop there since we've moved. It will be nice to have more food choices in our pantry and freezer. I need to start planning meals the night before so we don't rush to figure out supper at the last minute. I think I will find the crock pot recipe book and mark some new recipes.

All the moving boxes are ready to be picked up from the movers. We now have a BIG entry way, now that the boxes are out of it! It will be even nicer to have our garage back once the boxes are out of there!

My goal is to organize the house more this weekend. Wish me luck!



Anonymous said...

Jennie, it was very nice to see you along with ALL your sisters, nieces and nephews on Saturday. Precious memories for your Dad and me. Love you, Mom

kath said...

Your sister sounds as awesome as you! Glad you had such a good time.