Monday, September 18, 2006

A few steps closer....

To making our house a home. Chad and I put pictures and other stuff on the walls Saturday. We have things to add to the walls, but aren't sure where things will end up yet. We were trying to find a good spot for the bar. Since Chad made it, I want to have it out, rather than stored like Chad suggested. I think it will be moved to the corner of the TV room. We do need to get a shorter TV stand. It's too high for the large TV we have....we haven't had luck finding a decent TV stand yet, but I will look more this week.
I started to organize my scrap room yesterday. I have too much stuff.....but have plans to scrapbook more often once the room is ready. I found a shelving unit and added that to the room...but there is still plenty to do. I will share pictures of our home soon....
Work is going well. I am feeling comfortable circulating in the OR. Not sure if/when I will start scrubbing, but would like to.
Chad's home from am going to get supper started.
Later, Jennie

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kath said...

Decorating is a new home is so much fun! Have you tried that plastic stuff to hang pictures with? It gives you a chance to see how it looks without having to put holes all over the place. You just pull it off when you're done!